Frequently Asked Questions

Can PetiCare be used on cats?


Yes! PetiCare can be used to trim both dog and cat nails!

Will the LED light illuminate the quick in dark or black nails?


No, the PetiCare LED light is only able to illuminate the quick in light or clear-colored nails. 

Are batteries included?


Yes, 3  LR33/AG44 batteries are included. 

Will the blades need to be replaced?


Yes, the PetiCare blades will need to be replaced when you see wear or a drop in performance. Timing will vary depending on how often you cut your pet's nails, the type of animal, and breed.

My pet's nails are not being cut cleanly. Am I doing something wrong?


If you are having difficulty cutting your pet's nails, make sure to cut quickly and firmly. This will avoid any cracking or hangnails.  

Why is the light not working?


This may happen if the battery compartment is not properly secure. Make sure that the cover of the compartment is tightly screwed in by turning it counter-clockwise.

My pet isn't sitting still so I can clip their nails. Tips?


Many pets get nervous during the nail-cutting process. We recommend getting another person to assist you in distracting your pet with noises or treats!

Can I use PetiCare on an animal that's not a cat or dog?


If you are able to cut your pets' nails with a guillotine trimmer, you will be able to use the PetiCare. The PetiCare will not illuminate the quicks in any animals with dark or black nails. 

If there is any hesitation, please contact your vet. 

What kind of trimmer is PetiCare?


The PetiCare is a guillotine-style trimmer, not scissor.